March 28, 2008

Different Look

During our personality development subject at school, we were taught not only how to conduct ourselves (you know, good moral and right conduct stuff...) but also how to present ourselves in the right way. Last Wednesday, we got to experiment with makeup. It was fun, considering I don't usually wear the stuff! I mean I'm a powder and lip balm/lip gloss kind of girl. But it was actually quite interesting to play with different looks to arrive at a look that most highlights your "assets". That's what's proper for me, just accentuating what is already there instead of masking your "real face" and getting a look that's totally "NOT YOU". It's fun to look different once in a while... be complemented and called pretty. It really is heart-warming to hear comments like "you look so grown-up with that make up on" or "you're beautiful with your eyes accentuated that way". I know not everyone would think that a certain look goes well with you but I know I felt more confident and lady-like when I got to experiment with makeup to achieve a different effect! Plus I got to get extra bonding time with friends/classmates who helped me choose colors suitable for me and even helped me put the makeup on (because some of them knew more about that stuff than I do!).

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