March 14, 2008


My current project for school is to create my own fashion portfolio.

Definitions of Portfolio:

  • a large, flat, thin case for carrying loose papers or drawings or maps;
    usually leather; "he remembered her because she was carrying a large ...
  • a set of pieces of creative work collected to be shown to potential
    customers or employers; "the artist had put together a portfolio of his work";
    "every actor has a portfolio of photographs"
  • a list of the financial assets held by an individual or a bank or other
    financial institution; "they were disappointed by the poor returns on their
    stock portfolio"
  • the role of the head of a government department; "he holds the portfolio for
    foreign affairs"

I have asked for help from my older sisters (e lahat naman ng sisters ko older, hahaha!) for me to be able to finish this... hopefully by next week, I can submit this already...

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