March 14, 2008

Why food?

I guess a passerby would wonder... "If this is a blog of a teenage student, why is the template about food?" Well, it's simple. I am currently studying Hotel and Restaurant Management and I hope to someday enroll in a culinary school and become a chef.

It's been a long time dream of me and my sisters to be able to open a restaurant and become business partners. Sana someday, matupad na ang dream na ito. I guess, me, studying HRM is the final step -- I'm the youngest in the family -- after me, wala na paaralin sina Mommy at Daddy. Di na masyadong "risky" to retire from a 9-5 job and start our own business. Besides, all my brother and sisters are already working and have their monthly income to depend on for a while. Maybe we can start saving for our dream after I finish my studies. Medyo matagal pa because I'm only on my freshman year pero I really am trying my best. And I really am grateful that my parents, brother and sisters are all supportive of my dreams and ambitions. I hope someday I could give it all back to them in the form of my accomplishments.

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