May 29, 2008

My Carbonara

Last Saturday, me, my sister together with her husband - my brother-in-law - went to Southmall do buy cloth for my new uniform. While there Kuya Charlie decided to do a little grocery shopping so we did. My Ate Heidi wanted to cook carbonara the next day so we bought the necessary ingredients. Unfortunately, the next day, my sister wasn't in the mood to cook because she was feeling sick so she asked me to cook the carbonara instead. Here's the result:

here's my kuya charlie (brother-in-law) sampling the finished product

and that's me trying not to open my mouth too much, hahaha!

It tasted a little bland to me, but we (me, dad, ate heidi, kuya allan, kuya charlie and mom) cleared out the contents of the pot anyway... I guess it shows how much we like eating carbonara! I wonder what we would be cooking tomorrow?


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