May 28, 2008

Summer's Almost Over

I guess I have been too lazy to update this blog... Summer's almost over and I don't know if I'd be able to update at all when school starts next month so I decided to write a little something about what I have been doing with my time. First of all, I have already transferred to a different school, so I got busy for a couple of weeks going from my former school to the school I am transferring to, to make sure all the necessary documents are organized and then last week I enrolled already. Aside from that, I haven't done anything of significance, really... Right now, we (me, my parents and older brother) live with my eldest sister while our house is being renovated so I really don't get to go online for long periods of time for fear that my sister's electric bill would balloon to a ridiculously huge difference than what they were used to pay before we moved in. Besides, I only go online lately to watch Gossip Girl episodes (good thing my ate Heidi likes watching it too, hahaha!) so I can't really complain about getting less time to browse the net. I just like watching Blair, Nate and the rest of the Gossip Girl characters and see how the story of their upper east side life unfold...

xoxo... you know you love me... gossip girl!

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